Superstar 650 Judogi (Limited Edition - Union Jack Lion)

  • Available in SUPER SLIM and SLIM FIT sizing:

    To the same high Fighting Films standard, the Superstar 650 is our lighter weight double weave judogi. This limited edition kit is produced with the Union Jack Lion printed on the inside.

    *PLEASE NOTE: This limited edition Judogi is NOT IJF APPROVED.

    Introduced for the first time in a Super Slim sizing to specifically meet the requirements of the young judoka who is tall and slim.

    This gi has been specifically introduced for those judoka who require a lighter weight gi. 

  • Material: 100% Cotton
    Colour: White Kit
    Shrinkage: Approx 2%

    SS/F = Super Slim Fit                    S/F = Slim Fit 

  • Slim Fit Available in White, from 160cm - 180cm in size. 

    Super Slim Available in White, from 150cm - 175cm in size.


Size: 160 S/F

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