The Yōkai kimono, a name inspired by creatures from Japanese folklore, is our first product in our Brazilian jiu-jitsu range.




Fighting Films was founded in 1988 by a small team of filmmakers and judoka led by Simon Hicks. The seeds of the company were sown in 1981 when he produced 'Ippon - Championship Judo' with his friend Neil Adams. The 1988 production of the British Open highlights was so well-received, that the International Judo Federation requested a highlights program of the following year’s World Championships in Belgrade. We have produced this programme every year since!

In its early years, Fighting Films was a venture specialising in creating judo-specific video productions. We were the first company of this kind and have built a reputation for being the world’s premier producer of Judo video material with a small dedicated team that know and understand judo. With many black belts in the company, we understand your needs and will not be beaten on quality or service. The company has evolved over the years, but it remains under the ownership and management of the same family; with the company passing to Simon’s wife Sharon, who now manages the business on a day to day basis.

Of the original team who founded Fighting Films, Ian Sharples and Vadim Jean have gone on to forge successful careers in the film industry. Trevor Williams has since retired but his hobby in film making remains. World Champion Neil Adams, who has since become the voice of judo for many, continues to work closely with Fighting Films. 

Throughout the last 30 years, the entire Fighting Films team has steered the company through steady growth to develop an iconic brand image in the judo community.


We work with and for judoka, providing unrivalled content and equipment for individuals who want to up their game, achieve better performance and greater results. 


With over 30 years of experience and passion for Judo, we deliver high quality, efficient and trustworthy content, coaching material, judogi and tatami to our customers.


Fighting Films strives to deliver high quality and excellence. We combine passion, honestly, family and integrity in everything we do.


Our vision is to create the tools that allow judoka and other martial arts practitioners to reach all of their sporting objectives and completely immerse themselves in those arts.

Along the way, we have incorporated two complementary brands of Fighting Films: GEEMAT in 1998, (established in 1970 by Trevor Williams, one of Fighting Films’s founding members) & IPPON BOOKS in 1999 (founded by Nicolas Soames).

1999 was also the year that we launched our first judogi - The Master Gi. We have been producing judogi ever since, working closely with our selected distributors to develop market-leading products that meet the needs of judoka at all levels. Our judogi has since been internationally regarded as one of the top competition kits on the market.

We have our own warehouse which houses our purpose-built dojo film studio with a permanent 8x8 metre tatami on a sprung floor, dedicated to filming the best of judo and related martial arts.

In short, on the one side, the business continues to produce judo video of the highest quality, whilst the other side of the business focusses on the sale of high quality branded judogi and dedicated judo wear.