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Open Cuff Superstar 750 Judogi

Size Guide
Superstar 750 Size Guide

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    These Open Cuff kits have been made with an extra 6cm on the standard length of the sleeves. See 'Open Cuff Instructions' for more details.

    The Judogi are supplied with the Cuffs un-hemmed so you can shorten them to your exact measurement for the perfect fit!

    To the same high Fighting Films standard, the Superstar 750 is the most competitive of all IJF approved gi's, and gives you that extra margin in competition


    *PLEASE NOTE: Branding features the traditional FF gates with the words FIGHTING FILMS underneath, embroidered onto the upper sleeve (the broken circle has been removed from the logo).

  • Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
    Colour: White, Blue
    Size: 160cm - 180cm

    ANNOUNCEMENT - APRIL 6th 2022: The new handling of the Judogi rules, as announced in January 2022, are now suspended with immediate effect and will only apply from the 1st January 2023.  All judogi produced from 2022 will be made with the skirt length 5cm longer than shown in the size charts to accommodate the new regulations.


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