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Making Weight & Everything Else

  • Making Weight & Everything Else

    The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Combat Sports

    This is a Fighting Films Special Edition.

    A great addition to our library of books. The experienced athlete has as much to gain from reading this book as an amateur who is looking to complement their training regime.

    To gain a competitive edge in any sport, account has to be taken of all factors affecting performance. This book provides some great personal insights backed up with scientific based evidence to enable an athlete to adjust their diet depending on their training cycle and needs. Specifically targeted to combat sports this book is a must for any athlete looking for an edge over their competitors.

    Written in plain language whilst tackling some difficult concepts.


  • The book answers questions such as:

    • How to improve performance and recovery with food?
    • How to lose and gain weight safely?
    • How to cut weight efficiently in a healthy way?
    • How to choose sports drinks?
    • What to eat during a competition day?
    • What are the right supplements for you?
    • How to plan a healthy diet to support your training?
    • What should young athletes eat? Can they cut weight?



    "As a -48kg fighter, I know how it feels to struggle with my weight.  I started studying as a dietitian during my athletic career to be able to help myself.  I wrote this book to help others." Amelie Rosseneu

    " There are many nutrition books on the market, yet none examine as fully or as effectively the relationship combative athletes have with nutrition.  I believe Amelie is a pioneer in this field, making a massive contribution to her sport, and to mine."  - Neil Adams MBE

  • Format: Full Colour Paperback (9"x6")
    Amelie Rosseneu with Roni Schwartz
    Pages: 198 pages