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Judo in School Education - The Spread of Judo in Japan

  • Judo in School Education - The Spread of Judo in Japan IJF DVD Series 2

    An indepth look at the history of Japanese judo, the structure of it within schools, the famous All-Japan judo championships, and even an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin - where he explains the influence judo has had on his life.

    Introduced by Yasuhiro Yamashita.

    Judo was created and developed in Japan 123 years ago, and has now become a worldwide sport.

    Judo is a dynamic and intelligent sport, which contains the Ippon- a split second instant when a fight is finished. It’s a sport with unique values, which aims to create people that make contributions to society. In Japan judo is not just about competition. It’s popular as a life-long sport for both sexes, and is ingrained as part of the country’s culture.

    Japanese judo phenomenon, Yasuhiro Yamashita, believes that the sport should be introduced into the school curriculum throughout the world. This DVD has been produced in support of this belief. It explains Japanese judo, shares personal experiences and shows a high school lesson in judo taking place.
  • Region: Multi-Region DVD
    Running Time: 55 mins
    Language: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arab

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