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Judo Evolution

A detailed look at the new judo rule changes and the evolution of techniques in the modern era.

By former World Champion Neil Adams

Unlike most martial arts, judo happens to be an Olympic sport as well. It has been since the 1964 when the Games were held in Tokyo. It is because of the sporting nature of judo that it has grown and evolved so much over the years. Rules have been adjusted and refined since the very beginning but the biggest and most dramatic changes happened in 2010 when the International Judo Federation introduced new rules that banned direct attacks on the legs. It would have been straight forward had it been a complete leg grab ban but exceptions were made that allowed leg grabs under certain conditions. This has led to much confusion over what is and isn’t legal.

This book clears the air on what is clearly banned and what is still allowed. Another important aspect of judo’s evolution is how the techniques have changed over the years. Modified versions of classical techniques have been employed by competitors from the very begining but in recent years, some truly remarkable variations have emerged to cope with the increasing competitive nature of the sport. And very occasionally, some completely new techniques have emerged as well. This book highlights the best of these.

World Champion and double Olympic Silver Medallist Neil Adams is the author of this groundbreaking book.