Introduction To Judo

Megan Fletcher walks you through an introduction to Judo - how to wear a judogi and tie your belt, when to bow, what are the most common Japanese phrases and what do they mean?

This is the perfect series of videos to explain the basics to brand new Judoka.

This series is more than 26 minutes across 10 videos detailing:

- Introducing The Judogi
- Fitting Your Judogi
- Tying Your Judo Belt
- When To Bow In Judo
- What Japanese Judo Words Mean
- How To Score Points In Judo
- 4 Ways To Throw In Judo
- 3 Ways To Grip In Judo
- What Happens At A Judo Lesson
- Scores & Penalties In A Judo Contest

Video Language: English

Available from our streaming platform: Superstar Judo

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