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ADVANCED JUDO - Newaza & Tachi-Waza

We have just unearthed a couple of boxes of Advanced Judo DVD from the depths of our warehouse.  This DVD was made way back at a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth and is filmed in 4:3 screen ratio.  There is no fancy high definition on this production - just good solid high quality judo content (in colour).  If this isn't already in your collection this might be the last chance to pick one up.

    • ADVANCED JUDO - Newaza & Tachi-Waza

      Advanced Judo is broken up into 2 parts Newaza and Tachi-Waza.

    • This 2 part series takes an unprecedented look at the innovative judo throws and grappling techniques that are working in international competition judo.

    • All techniques have full-speed demonstrations, followed by close-ups and slow motion replays from multiple angles. Each technique is divided up into numerous entries and sections

    •  Demonstrations by Eric Bonti and Sameh Zineldin 

    • REGION:   Double sided disc PAL and NTSC
    • RUNNING TIME:  90 mins
    • SCREEN FORMAT:  4:3 Ratio

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