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40 Judo Throws - Koka Kids


What is in this book?

★ This 100 page book contains all 40 throws of The Gokyo.

★ Clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each technique.

★ The illustrations show the grip, the entry, the lift, the rotation and the finish of each throw.

★ Tips and instructions on how to do each technique.

★ The author, Nik Fairbrother is a 7th Dan, an Olympic silver medallist and a judo world champion and brings over 30 years of judo expertise to the pages of this book.

★ Free online support material to accompany the techniques in this book.

This book will help judoka:

  • Prepare for gradings
  • Learn Japanese terminology
  • Understand the mechanics of a throw
  • Master how to throw in all directions
  • Remember the names of the techniques
  • Learn the grips required
  • Develop a repertoire of throws they can use


Who is this book for?

40 Judo Throws is for any junior judoka looking to improve their throwing abilities.

This book will help you learn the throws and prepare for your next grading.

By the end of this book the reader will have learnt 40 Judo Throws. That includes every throw in the Gokyo, the whole judo syllabus.

You will have the skills to throw opponents of all sizes and styles and you will know how to defend against techniques too.


★★★★★ Review by Lee Calder, Irish Judo Association Development Coach
Fantastic book, created for younger players, but readily usable for any player going for their black belt. Our club will be using the books to help the players get ready for there gradings.

★★★★★ Review by Matt Divall, Drop In Podcast Presenter
This will help young judoka through their grading without a doubt, with easy step by step pictures & instructions of how to do each throw of the Gokyo and it has the Japanese terminology too. Would highly recommend this book to accompany a junior judoka’s judo education.

★★★★★ Review by Kim Bergey, Avonhust Sensei
Love these books. Great for kids all all ages! Plus on-line supplemental resources to help with the learning. Highly recommended.


You can also watch animations of each technique online by visiting the Koka Kids website:

ISBN 9798650262053

100 Pages

Author:  Nicola Fairbrother