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Black Label Judogi

  • A Mean Kit at a Mean Price.

    The Black Label gi is a top quality gi aimed at Dan grades, fighters going for their black belt and aspiring champions.

    A tough double weave and a brush cotton interior make it both strong and comfortable. The kits have stylish tapered Fighting Films "gates" in black on both arms.

    We're sure you won't find a better kit for the price. New branding is gradually being introduced to the Black Label range for white judogi only - these will be supplied where stock bearing the old branding has been used up.   The new branding features the traditional FF gates inside a broken circle embroidered onto the upper sleeve and can be seen in the images.

Children's sizes from 140cm - 155cm

Adult sizes from 160cm - 200cm

  • Material: 100% Cotton, 900gsm
    Colour: White, Blue
    Size: 145cm to 200cm
    Shrinkage: Approx 6%
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