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Koga - A New Wind

Koga - A New Wind


Few fighters can claim to have changed the face of their sport. Toshihiko Koga is one. The three-times World and Olympic champion invented his own incredible style of judo. Now, learn from Koga himself as he reveals the secrets to his success!

Few men can claim to have changed the face of their sport. Toshihiko Koga is one. Three times World Champion and Olympic Gold and Silver medallist, Koga is the most talked about and admired Judoka of his generation. He is one of the sport's great innovators.
Recently retired from international competition, Koga reveals for the first time the secrets of the amazing "reverse Judo" techniques that he has invented: his own versions of Ippon seoi-nage, Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi, Koshi-guruma and his one handed Morote-seoi-nage are all examined in detail. Demonstrations, specially shot at the Kodokan in Tokyo are followed by numerous competition examples from throughout his career.

This stunning one hour production includes competition footage from the Junior World Championships 1986, the Kano Cup 1987, the 1995 Japanese team trials, the 1987, ’89, ’91 and 1995 World Championships, 1992 Barcelona Olympics, 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the amazing final of the All Japan Open Weight Championships 1990 - weighing only 71Kgs he fights World Open Weight champion Naoya Ogawa!

In an exclusive and revealing interview, Koga talks about his formative years in Judo, his Judo philosophy and the highs and lows of his incredible career.

This is a double sided disc containing both Pal and NTSC versions. Programme 65 mins plus over 30 mins bonus footage. Filmed in 4:3 ratio.  Special features: Language choice - English, French, German, Spanish. Direct access to techniques and interviews, Entire Koga fights, including two World finals, Koga photogallery by Bob Willingham, IJF Photographer, Koga biography and Fighting Films trailers.

Commentary by Neil Adams MBE (English), Jane Bridge (French), Dieter Grushwitz (German), Jose Alberto Valverde Mordt (Spanish)

65 minutes
30 minutes
English, French, Spanish, German
Ratio: 4:3



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