Jeon - Korean Judo Master


In-depth study of the greatest ever Korean judoka. Learn all the secret techniques from this three-times World and Olympic champion, including his wonderful gripping skills, all his major throws and the famous feint.

Ki-Young Jeon is the best ever Korean Judoka and one of the all time Judo greats. Undefeated on the World and Olympic stage he won the -78 kg World title in 1993, the -86 kg title in 1995 and 1997 and became Olympic Champion at the same weight in 1996. Filmed exclusively by Fighting Films this superb production reveals, for the first time, the secrets of his incredible techniques.

Included is an in depth analysis of his wonderful gripping skills, his famous feint and a break down of his major throws. These include Morote-seoi-nage, drop Seoi-nage, Osoto-gari, Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi, Ippon seoinage, Ko-uchi-gari and Uchimata. With sections on combinations, Juji gatame and three man Uchi komi, JEON - Korean Judo Master is illustrated with numerous great competition examples from Olympic, World and Korean Championships and has commentary by former World Champion Neil Adams.

This exciting film also includes an in depth interview in which Jeon talks about his beginnings in judo, his judo life and his rivalry with the great Japanese Champion Hidehiko Yoshida. Filmed on Korean locations in Seoul and Jeju island.