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Superstar Judo's Guide To Throwing For Ippon

  • Throwing for Ippon is the ultimate judo coaching guide. Across 21 unique ebooks all of the major Ippon scoring throws in modern competition are showcased. 

    All e-Books are available now directly from Fighting Films. Hajime!is the first book in the series, and is available to download for free. All other books in the series are available for purchase. (If purchased directly through Fighting Films, you will receive a download link for your ebook/pdf purchase).

    All books of 'Superstar Judo’s guide to Throwing for Ippon' are available as e-Books on Google and Amazon Kindle

    All eBooks Now Available from Fighting Films:
    (Also available on Amazon Kindle & Google):
    Introduction – Hajime! 
    Book 1 - The Throw
    Book 2 - The Grip
    Book 3 - Uchi-mata
    Book 4 - O-uchi-gari
    Book 5 - Seoi-nage
    Book 6 - O-soto-gari
    Book 7 - Ashi-guruma & Harai Goshi
    Book 8Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi , Hiza-guruma & Harai-tsurikomi-ashi
    Book 9 - Ko-uchi-gari 
    Book 10 - Tai-otoshi
    Book 11 - Ko-soto-gari
    Book 12 - De-ashi-barai & Okuri-ashi-barai
    Book 13 - Tani-otoshi
    Book 14 - Ura-nage
    Book 15 - Sode-tsurikomi-goshi
    Book 16 - Koshi-guruma
    Book 17 - O-goshi
    Book 18 - Tomoe-nage
    Book 19 - Sumi-gaeshi
    Book 20 - Uki-otoshi
    Book 21 - Kaeshi-waza
    Including Superstar Judo's Guide to Ne-waza:
    Introduction - Ne-waza
    Book 1 - Osaekomi-waza
    Book 2 - Kansetsu-waza
    Book 3 - Shime-waza


  • Each book follows a separate throw, with tuition from many of the world’s greatest judoka. The throw starts with the technique’s origins and the traditional methods of teaching it, followed by variations using alternative grips, entries, directions of attack and combinations.

    Incredible photographic sequences accompany most of the technique variations. These come from Fighting Films’ vast archive, with many of the images being shown for the first time.

    Tuition across the series is brought to you by more than 20 of the sport’s elite judoka, which includes Olympic and World Champions such as Toshihiko Koga, Kosei Inoue, Ki-young Jeon, Lucie Decosse, Kayla Harrison, Udo Quellmalz, Keiji Suzuki, Mark Huizinga, Ole Bischof, Avtandili Tchrikishvili, Tsagaanbaatar Khashbaatar and Craig Fallon.

    Fighting Films has been closely working alongside the world’s greatest judoka for over 30 years. Throwing for Ippon is the first project where all of this international technical expertise is compiled in one place.

    Presented by Superstar Judo, Fighting Films’ online coaching subscription site, the techniques can also be viewed in video format by clicking on a QR code at either the start or end of each book. The author is Fighting Films partner Danny Hicks, who was IJF TV Director from 2009-2017.

    This guide is an essential for all judoka. Whether you just want to learn the basics of a throw or be inspired by numerous different variations from the world’s best, Throwing for Ippon reveals the techniques that are proven to work at the very highest level.

  • Stay tuned for the other e-Books in the Throwing for Ippon series to be released in 2023:

    • Book 11 – Kosoto gari
    • Book 12 – De ashi barai and Okuri ashi barai
    • Book 13 – Tani otoshi
    • Book 14 – Ura nage
    • Book 15 – Sode tsurikomi goshi
    • Book 16 – Koshi guruma
    • Book 17 – O goshi
    • Book 18 – Tomoe nage
    • Book 19 – Sumi gaeshi
    • Book 20 – Uki otoshi
    • Book 21 – Kaeshi waza

    Superstar Judo’s guide to Ne waza – to be released in 2023:

    • Introduction
    • Book 1 – Osaekomi waza
    • Book 2 – Kansetsu waza
    • Book 3 – Shime waza


eBook: Hajime!