Superstar 750 Judogi - Union Jack Edition

The British design which has been available for a few years now and features the Union Jack design running through the FF gates on each sleeve and is surrounded by the brush stroke circle in red. Standard red FF gates on 1 trouser leg.  These judogis are standard IJF Approved Superstar 750,  available in white only.

Normally only 165cm, 170cm and 170cm sizes are available from stock but other sizes are available at standard Superstar 750 prices.  There is no surcharge for the special design gates.

Any size not in stock can be ordered with 8-10 week delivery.

NOTE:  This design is now also available in the lighter weight Red Label range of judogi.  Click here to order.

Fighting Films gis are generous in size.  Many people take a size less in a Fighting Films gi compared to other makes. Please refer to our sizing chart or email if you require advice.

Children's sizes available from 145cm - 155cm
Adult sizes available from 160cm - 185cm

All sizes are slim fit

S/F = Slim Fit

Size: 160cm SF