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The Yōkai kimono, a name inspired by creatures from Japanese folklore, is our first product in our Brazilian jiu-jitsu range.




Koka Kids #61 - Spring/Summer 2023 Now Available!

The new edition of Koka Kids Magazine is now available, and it's packed with fun, educational content for young judoka. In this issue, you'll find:

  • Fun characters and stories: Meet all of the members of the Koka Kids family, and follow their adventures as they learn about judo and friendship.
  • Technical masterclasses: Learn from the best with step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the most important judo throws and techniques.
  • Puzzles and competitions: Test your skills with a variety of puzzles and competitions.
  • Judo-specific articles: Learn about the history of judo, the rules of the sport, and how to stay safe while training.

The new edition of Koka Kids Magazine is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and engaged in judo. Order your copy today!

Here are some additional details about the new edition:

  • The issue over 30 pages long.
  • The current edition is £3.99, and old magazines are £1.99.
  • The magazine is suitable for children aged 4-12 years old.

To order your copy, visit the Fighting Films.

We hope you enjoy the new edition of Koka Kids Magazine!

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