One of our latest judogi designs and has come about through collaboration between Northern Ireland Judo and Fighting Films. These are standard Superstar 750, IJF approved gis with the Northern Ireland logo on one sleeve and standard FF gates on the other sleeve in the green and blue colours.  The same scaled down green and blue FF gates on one trouser leg.  Judogi only available in white.

These are only available to order but are available at standard Superstar 750 prices.  There is no surcharge for the special design gates.

Expected  delivery:  8-10 weeks.

Through our partnership with Northern Ireland Judo we are able to offer the addition of a club badge  on the chest  for bulk orders of 6 or more judogis.  Interested clubs should email/telephone the Fighting Films sales office for further details.

Fighting Films gis are generous in size.  Many people take a size less in a Fighting Films gi compared to other makes. Please refer to our sizing chart or email if you require advice.

If you require a size not listed below, please email.

All sizes are slim fit

S/F = Slim Fit

NOTE:  This design is now also available in the lighter weight Red Label range of judogi.  Click here to order.

Size: 150cm SF