101 Ippons "The Noughties" - 3 DVD Bundle Offer

3 DVD Collection

 If, during these troublesome times, you cannot get to the dojo, your club is temporarily closed, or maybe you're  self isolating, working from home or just desperate to watch some decent judo, we have put together another special bundle offer to help keep you indoors.

Due to the demand for our recent DVD bundle offer we have decided to release another 101 bundle offer - this time featuring 3 DVD's covering the years from 1999 - 2008.  

In total over 3.5 hours of thrilling action featuring the best ippons from the top judoka of the period including Manolo Poulot, Dennis van der Geest, Graham Randall, Ulla Werbrouck, Kosei Inoue, Ayumi Tanimoto, Min-ho Choi, Ryoko Tamura, Craig Fallon, Tadahiro Nomura.....   With commentary by Neil Adams.

The bundle for every Judo Junkie at an incredible offer price of £4.99p + P&P

Only available while stocks last.

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